Yes, this is actually a movie. It is going to be a low budget flick about…a Piranhaconda.


It looks so awful, I might just see it for a good laugh. What isn’t funny about this is the fact that Michael Madsen is leading the bill. Michael Madsen is the star of Piranhaconda? What is this world coming to?

It saddens me to see the person with the roles he had in Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco to be in a movie called Piranhaconda. I thought playing the adopting father in the Free Willy movies was out of character, but what did Madsen do with his money to stoop to this level? I might have to keep a look out on SyFy channel for this one, after the long await of Sharknado. That’s right, a tornado with sharks in it.

-Stuart Stock

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Say it isn’t so Tom

Tom Gabel is the lead singer of what was at one time one the best live punk bands around, Against Me!. Their in your face, crowd oriented shows brought everyone who was there together, singing loudly with fists in the air in revolt.


As it turns out, to my dismay, Tom is now going to be living his life as a woman, as he is going through the transformation to become transgender. His new name will be Laura Jane Grace. He is not attracted to men, and will remain with his wife, with whom he has two children.

I’m not here to bash anybody, or promote my views against transgender people. However, it just took me by surprise and I’m not sure how my outlook on their music will be from here on out. It’s going to be interesting to see where the band is going to go musically with their lead singer as a woman now. Rolling Stone is releasing a full story about him in their next issue coming out on Friday.


-Stuart Stock

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Skip Bayless Is A Troll

No, I am not talking about the imaginary, mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore. (Though the resemblance is coincidentally striking.) Skip Bayless is a troll in the sense of his use of outlandish and extraneous takes on subjects of sports, simply for the sake of creating an argument and causing controversy.

For those who do not know who Bayless is, he is a journalist at ESPN who appears on the shows First Take and 1st and 10. He used to work for both of the big Dallas newspapers, and was highly touted as one of the best sports columnists in the state.

I cannot really give an opinion of his talents as a sports writer because I was just a little kid when he was in Dallas. But every time I turned on ESPN and saw him talking I would immediately change the channel, because everything that came out of his mouth made me like him less.

Recently though, I have found that watching his takes can be highly entertaining now that I have figured out his intentions. He’s just a troll, and it’s hilarious. He can get a rise out of anybody, using a ridiculous point of view as his ammunition. I’m not really sure if the co-hosts of the show are in on it or not, but the reactions of the people on the show is pure entertainment.

-Stuart Stock

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Upcoming Films

I do not go to the movies much anymore. When I lived in College Station a year ago, going to see a movie at Cinemark cost only $3.50 for students. So, I didn’t mind going to movies that had potential to be total busts. In the Houston area, however, prices range from $9 to $12, if you want to have the 3D experience, so I am a lot more picky about what movies I choose to see in theaters.

Movie I can’t wait to go see:

Django Unchained. This movie is going to be awesome. Granted, I’ve enjoyed just about everything Tarantino has put  out. This will be his ode to the spaghetti western genre, while trying to add in elements of American history he says, “we’re ashamed of”, such as treatment of slaves after their freedom.

The film is also going to have a great cast, including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Sacha Baron Cohen, Dennis Christopher and Don Johnson. It comes out around Christmas 2012.

Movie I will not be paying $12 to go see:

Battleship. The trailer looked like it was going to be a Transformers spin-off. I kept thinking, “Okay Michael Bay, where are you going with this?” Sure enough his name never showed up in the credits. However, when the movie’s title was revealed at the end, I almost fell out of my chair. Battleship? Really?

The first mistake I think the producers made was their choice of childhood game to recreate. Without a doubt, Hungry, Hungry Hippos would have been an epic that would have changed the cinematic experience forever. Just imagine the effects and budget of Battleship, incorporated with the apocalyptic infestation of four gigantic hippopotami, destroying all that is precious to man. Two words: Blockbuster.

-Stuart Stock

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“I’m calling a lot of people Bozo now…”

It’s my new thing. Actually, If I were for some reason in a situation where I was near a clown, I would just avoid “it” at all costs. It’s not that I have a unbearable fear of clowns, it’s just that the whole idea of a clown is frightening. Let’s break it down.

I’m a 35 year old man that rents a one room flat on the east-end, downtown. I do not really have a steady job or income, however I tend to take advantage of religious holidays when they come around.  On Easter, I’m a big rabbit; Christmas: Santa, and so on. However, on birthdays, I get to put on excessive amounts of makeup, over-sized clothes, and make animals out of cylindrical balloons. Oh yeah, I also have a drinking problem, and my target audience is children.

WHY IS THIS STILL A PROFESSION? Even if you “go pro” and wind up in a circus somewhere, you’re just somebody that has honed medieval crafts that appeal only to people with short attention spans or again, children.

But hey, if you’re that cool dad that likes his family to live on the edge, there’s a new clown out there for your kid’s next party:


-Stuart Stock

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I think I can.

A year ago today I wasn’t preoccupied with anything other than what my prom dress would look like. Looking back, the times sure as hell have changed. I have so many things due before this Wednesday it’s ridiculous. I have absolutely no clue where that dress is now. Looking back at it, I don’t really see the point of spending $500 on prom when I got home at midnight unlike a lot of my friends who didn’t go home. Grade school was so easy. Sometimes I wish I could go back but I’m glad I’m in college now. Everything was a lot cheaper back then, even that $500 prom spree. Why, money, why? On the bright side, there’s about three weeks left of school left. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

-Janeth C.

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Horrible week turns into a great week

This week has been so crazy for me! Woke up Monday morning & got ready for school, walked outside to find my car totally wrecked. Not the start of a great day. Anyway, I’ve spoken to the insurance company & claim adjuster back & forth, then had to get a rental car to drive myself around. It’s been one of those weeks in which I just wanted to bury my head under a pillow & not come out.


Things quickly turn around for the best. Everything is taken care of 🙂 I also presented my Human Trafficking video today in Mass Comm class. I was a bit nervous but it quickly faded away as I presented the video. Mr. Faour didn’t say anything on my video so I am very curious as to what he thought! I will ask him on Monday 🙂

Other than that, I just wanted to share this with you all. Have a fun weekend!

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